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Why do you need ISO certification?

There are many reasons why organisations want to gain certification to standards such as ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 14001:2015. Often these are a client requirement, or they may be beneficial to your organisation for marketing purposes. They can also work well as a vehicle for business improvement.

There are a number of certification bodies in the UK that provide ISO certification. However, Government and Local Government organisations and increasingly businesses, only accept certification that is accredited by the Government, which in practice means by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). This is true regardless of how good your organisations' systems are and could cause you to be unfairly blocked from bidding for work without you being aware of it.

ISO certification with CambsQuality

The route to UKAS accredited certification is not difficult. The first step is to identify your businesses EA code, which can be found through the UKAS website. This code is used to categorise organisations into groups, for examples construction or IT and they identify the certification requirements. From the UKAS website, you will also be able to locate accredited certification bodies that can certify to your relevant EA code.

The next step is to do a gap analysis of your systems and procedures against the requirements of the standard you are looking to certify against. This should identify what needs to be done before you seek certification. Of course, as we do this for so many customers, it may be more economic for you to let us do this for you.

Finally, once you have all your systems in place, the certification body audits your systems and once your organisation has passed successfully, you can announce this to your clients and potential clients.
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The benefits of ISO certification for you

The benefits of UKAS accredited certification:

  • An objective basis for process and product improvement
  • Reduction in or elimination of second party audits, if you trade business to business
  • Motivates all staff and management to maintain the system due to independent scrutiny
  • Improved ability to meet compliance with regulations
  • Marketing advantage, giving both a quality and if going for ISO 14001 certification, a green image
  • An increase in the efficiency and use of energy and raw materials (less waste = fewer costs)
Further information is readily available online from the UKAS website and from our website. Alternatively, contact us to find out how we could help you gain ISO certification or ring 01223 421 366.
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